A personal car assistant at your disposal inside a mobile app with one of the most advanced car services dashboard in the world.

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Autopia is an app for car drivers who like to take full control of their car and also their time. With the help of this product, users can quickly make service appointments, set all types of car reminders, search from a ton of related offers or set up all papers necessary if you do a small accident.

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User personas

Before starting to develop the product, we identified out target users to understand their goals and expectations from the experience of using the app. I have conducted the user testing and user interview sessions on the specific Autopia users group to get as much data as I can right before the design phase.

Application map

I designed the application map to better understand the entire structure of the app and to eliminate any logical inconsistency in the product.

Wireframes and prototypes were created, then tested with users in order to determine which of the approaches was the most functional, easy to understand and impactful to potential users. In this way, we were able to quickly validate or eliminate design approaches.

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Explore the
home page

In this first screen users can check on their activity, recent notifications, in progress appointments or different offers for their benefit. Users can also find available services near them or near a specific geolocation on the map if necessary. This way we make sure that everything is easy accessible for our users.

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Exploring verified

In this screen users can search for nearby services or from a specific geolocation, view the service page, check for reviews and decide if they go further and set a quick or custom appointment. From that step, the service will contact you to confirm the appointment and send you a notification to deliver you car for them to start working on it. The whole communication of our user with the service is automated and assisted by the support team and when the car is ready, he’ll receive a notification to go for a check. Autopia also supports mobile payments and after everything is checked, the user can pay with his phone with one click.

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Your car history

This section of the app includes all your car history, all activities and records. Users can also edit in progress activities, pay the finished ones and download or share on email the PDF with their invoice and final reports of the repair.

Users have full transparency of their actions inside the app and with their cars.

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User profile

In user profile section, a user can find and manage all his cars, add new ones and updates some of the existing info about a car they own. Autopia is using a machine learning program to scan online after each car unique number and update the stats in real time based on the national and international data-bases, making the users journey easier and much more enjoyable.

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European accident
digital statement

In the EU is in place a system designed for all drivers who participate in a small car accident so they could solve everything peacefully and repair the cars on insurances if the guilty driver admits his mistake. The problem is when they need to complete a standard paper for the insurance company and the whole experience is too overwhelming for most of the drivers, due to the fact they also need to draw how the accident happened and many redo the papers all over again until it’s right.

Autopia tackled this in a unique way and we digitalised the whole experiences. Besides this, we assist in all the steps and also auto-complete some informations when we can. When it’s drawing time, no more fear of mistakes. You can undo and redo how many times you want without having the rewrite the whole paper again, also I designed some cool templates for the intersections, cars and also you have the freedom to add text, draw with you pen or finger and delete certain elements. When you’re done with the drawing you’re almost done with the statement, all it’s left to do is finish the final step and download it for your insurance company.

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Digital dashboard
for services

We didn’t want to neglect the current systems and technology our local services use for the scheduling systems, payments, history, etc so we decided to design a digital dashboard for the repair service owners and the management to help and growth their businesses. Right now more than 55% of the local repair services keep the whole evidence, orders, schedules on papers and write everything manually. This process makes the whole work unclear, hard to keep track of and most important inefficient. By taking all the order insider our dashboard, the service manager has full transparency over all operations in his service, can compare the performances of his mechanics and even set live offers with special deals which runs on the home page of the drivers app. Everything is done in a simple and minimalistic approach to ease up and help managers focus on the important work.

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My role

Duration - 2018 - Ongoing

Services - Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction, UX/UI