Conversion rate optimisation experts for your online store or business.

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Objeqt is specialist agency helping brand with their conversion rate optimisation and many more. They offer a wide collection of solutions, as well as personal(tailor-made) services.

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The challenge

Objeqt has been around for years, working to help some of the biggest clients in their respective industries gather data to improve their opportunities. But, being busy with helping others grow, they never properly sat down to look at their own brand, until they hired me to find new opportunities for them.

I visualized their software suite, designed a system for them to expand upon and helped them explain and communicate their offerings in a clear and concise way. All in all, I helped Objeqt show up, communicate and act like a grown-up brand.

Objeqt previous version of the site was confusing, didn’t had any common style and was inconvenient or impossible to use on mobile devices. The main task of the redesign was to create a modern & responsive website with a clear structure, following the new brand guidelines.

User experience

During kick-off meeting we decided on a roadmap and first focused on brand vision before starting brand design and landing pages. I was also tasked with adding more life to the product.

Wireframes and prototypes were created, then tested with users in order to determine which of the approaches was the most functional, easy to understand and impactful to potential users. In this way, we were able to quickly validate or eliminate design approaches.

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Objeqt’s software solutions were never visualized. I decided after some calls with the stakeholders to create a visual (illustrative) language that shows a uniform product suite. This allowed us to highlight certain specific functions to help explain the product in more detail and eventually boost potential leads coming in from the website.

To help Objeqt explain their products, we decided to shift from ‘what’ pages to ‘who’ pages, focussing on the target audiences first. The whole homepage is designed around their various audiences as we want to show them what Objeqt can do for them specifically, and quickly.

Clean white & green design puts the emphasis on depth of the design which is achieved by shadows and tiles. Simplicity allows the photographs to stand out against smooth typography. Just as a door gates float above the ground, the UI floats above the website.

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Audience pages

Every audience requires different attention, some also require custom solutions. On the ‘audience page’ Objeqt has the ability to present all the benefits and features.  This system gives Objeqt the independency to grow the website when they want or need.

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My role

Duration - 2018 - 3 months

Services - Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Site Architecture, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction

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