I'm Eugen, a Creative Designer from Europe

I love helping brands, companies and organisations connect with their audience through good design. Reach your business goals with excellent user experience. Let’s start working on your awesome web or iOS app.


My work


A personal car assistant at your disposal inside a mobile app and on top, one of the most advanced car services dashboard in the world.

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Conversion rate optimisation experts for your online store or business.

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CyberGhost VPN

Fast and easy VPN solution for your devices everywhere you are.

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My services

Design for screens of all sizes.

I design and build digital experiences for the connected world, making user-centered websites and products that deliver exceptional experiences for all devices.

The digital world is constantly evolving. Adapting to new technologies, prototyping, and testing are no longer a luxury, but a necessity in order to stay ahead of the wave. I accommodate with this by approaching each project as a unique challenge with its own unique goals, processes, and outcomes.

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Mobile seamless experiences

Most of what I do is to create digital products such as websites and apps. People interact with products like these on a daily basis, whether it’s a calendar on their phone, or an instant messaging service. It makes it even more important that I create these products to work as smoothly as possible and ultimately make the user’s daily tasks much easier to complete.

The process I implement to create these products is often continuous and iterative, with many prototyping stages involved. The user experience needs to be flawless, and by testing through design sprints, I can prove how efficient our concepts really are.

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Bringing designs to life

I don’t just stop at creating beautiful and effective digital products. I've also put a lot of time and care into creating smooth and intuitive micro-animations and interactive elements in all my projects. I believe these interactions elevate my products on both a visual and functional level and often make them feel more gratifying to use.

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Connect with your community

Through strong branding, I create personality and consistent brand experiences, helping you build new customer relationships and strengthen existing ones.

People don't just buy your brand, they buy into its ideas and values, and more importantly, they help to define it. Your brand should be one of your company’s most powerful tools for delivering its message. Brand encompasses all touch-points, from the moment someone first comes across it, right through to the way customer services deals with them over the phone.

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My creative process


Before jumping into designing I want to make sure that we’re asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. In a minimalistic and customer oriented way I solve design problems on the daily for companies across the globe.


Good design is good business and I find that there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a company grow through the power of design. During the transition from wireframes into the final design I create prototypes simulating final end results before development.


I build websites in Webflow where I can create responsive, powerful and fully custom websites. Plus, Webflow has an incredibly simple Content Editor for you and your team to edit website content quickly and easily.